Greetings! I’m Jen and this is (PJnet when I’m lazy), my website/journal/blog thing!

I’m a woman in my thirties, attempting to figure out life and keep my sanity at the same time. I am a feminist. I am an atheist. I have been a vegetarian since 1994 and am making a ridiculously slow transition to veganism.

I make and sell crafts. I make and mix and edit music. I teach color guard (mostly flag) at the local high school. I study languages (current: Japanese). And I am a pop culture whore with lots of opinions about the media I consume. I partake of fandoms and when I find a new one, I tend to get pretty wrapped up in it pretty quickly, so if it seems like I’m obsessing over one thing for a few weeks, don’t be scared. It’ll pass.

My posts here are mostly in English, occasionally in mistake-filled Japanese, and sometimes extremely simple Korean or whatever the language du jour happens to be.

I may occasionally mention Cat and Porkerface, the cats, or Hamster, the, uh, hamster. Also possibly appearing will be the Parental Units, the Sisters (#1 and #2), the Nephew, and The Funkmaster.

I love receiving comments, though I am totally crap at replying to them in a timely fashion. But don’t be afraid to leave a note to flail with me about a fandom-y thing or to ask questions or correct my fail attempts at different languages.

There are no real rules here other than the usual be-nice-to-me/other-people, don’t-steal-my-graphics-(omgpleasedonotstealmyiconsT____T), don’t-post-my-writing-elsewhere.


I hang out in various corners of the web, too!

 @polystyrenejen: My Twitter is totally random. Mostly in English. Sometimes in Japanese. I rant or fangirl or post pics of my boredom. When I remember, I tweet links to new PJnet posts. I retweet Misha Collins a lot.
 @polystyrenejen: I was a bit late to the Instagram party and its highly likely that I abuse the filters a bit too much, but I average a new pic every day and I think my pictures are interesting enough. I post critters and food and whatever craft/cosplay project I happen to be working on and also the occasional, heavily filtered selfie. My Tumblr is almost all reblogs, mostly fandom stuff, occasionally political or feminist. When I post fandom-related things on PJnet, I will crosspost them to Tumblr.

So, yes. That’s me. Hi. :heart: