Greetings! I’m Jen and this is my website/journal/blog thing!

A proper updated About page will follow shortly.

In the meantime, I hang out in various corners of the web, too!

 @polystyrenejen: My Twitter is totally random. Mostly in English. Sometimes in Japanese. I rant or fangirl or post pics of my boredom. When I remember, I tweet links to new PJnet posts. I retweet Misha Collins a lot.
 @polystyrenejen: I was a bit late to the Instagram party and its highly likely that I abuse the filters a bit too much, but I average a new pic every day and I think my pictures are interesting enough. I post critters and food and whatever craft/cosplay project I happen to be working on and also the occasional, heavily filtered selfie. My Tumblr is almost all reblogs, mostly fandom stuff, occasionally political or feminist. When I post fandom-related things on PJnet, I will crosspost them to Tumblr.

So, yes. That’s me. Hi.