One of my goals for the last couple years is to play and beat every video game I own (purchased before January 1, 2017) and to blog about each one. I have owned most of these games for years (decades!), but have, for one reason or another, never completed them. So, while I tend to get my games used and cheap, its time I get my money’s worth out of them. I intend to replay the few games that I have actually beaten, because, in most cases, its been awhile.

The list below is long and in order of when I got each gaming system (and thus, when I purchased the games) from most recent to oldest. Not currently included on this list are SEGA Genesis, SEGA Master, or Atari 2600 games. I may add those in as I get closer to completing this list. Each game will eventually have a link to its Amazon listing page, in case you’re looking to purchase it.

There is some crossover between the PS4 and the PSVita, so I’ll list all the games under the PS4 since that’s what I’m most likely to play the majority of the games on.

Games with a :chick: bird next to their titles are games I have not played and reviewed yet. Games with a :tv:TV are finished.

As I complete this list and post my reviews, please feel free to comment and recommend new games to me!!!

Updated: January 1

Playstation 4
:chick: Assassins Creed Chronicles: China
:chick: Doki-Doki Universe
:chick: Dragon Age: Inquisition
:chick: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
:chick: fl0w
:chick: Grand Theft Auto V
:chick: Grow Home
:tv: Journey
:chick: Killzone
:chick: Life is Strange
:chick: Minutes
:chick: RESOGUN
:chick: Splice
:chick: Star Wars Battlefront
:chick: Star Wars Bounty Hunter
:chick: Star Wars Jedi Starfighter
:chick: Star Wars Racer Revenge
:chick: Super Star Wars
:chick: Switch Galaxy Ultra
:tv: Thomas Was Alone
:chick: Velocibox
:chick: Watch Dogs

Nintendo 3DS
:chick: Adventure Time: Hey, Ice King! Whyd You Steal Our Garbage? | Amazon | Review
:chick: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Dont Know!
:chick: Chibi-Robo! ZIP LASH
:chick: Fantasy Life
:tv: Scribblenauts Unlimited | Amazon | Review
:chick: Pokemon X
:tv: Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire | Amazon | Review

PS Vita
:tv: Child of Light | Amazon | Review
:tv: Eufloria | Amazon | Review
:chick: FEZ
:tv:Flower | Amazon | Review
:chick: Gravity Rush | Amazon | Review
:chick: Hatoful Boyfriend
:chick: Little Big Planet | Amazon | Review
:chick: Lumines | Amazon | Review
:chick: Patapon | Amazon | Review
:tv: Tearaway | Amazon | Review
:chick: Touch My Katamari | Amazon | Review

Nintendo Wii
:chick: de Blob | Amazon | Review
:chick: de Blob 2 | Amazon | Review
:chick: Elebits | Amazon | Review
:chick: Just Dance 2 | Amazon | Review
:chick: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight | Amazon | Review
:chick: Kirbys Epic Yarn
:chick: Okami | Amazon | Review
:chick: Rhythm Heaven Fever | Amazon | Review
:chick: Wii Fit | Amazon | Review
:chick: Wii Sports | Amazon | Review
:chick: Wii Sports Resort | Amazon | Review
:chick: Zumba 2 | Amazon | Review

Nintendo DS
:chick: Contact | Amazon | Review
:chick: Feel the Magic | Amazon | Review
:chick: Lets Pilates | Amazon | Review
:chick: Ninja Town | Amazon | Review

Playstation 2
:chick: .hack//INFECTION | Amazon | Review
:chick: .hack//MUTATION | Amazon | Review
:chick: .hack//OUTBREAK | Amazon | Review
:chick: .hack//QUARANTINE | Amazon | Review
:chick: DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution | Amazon | Review
:chick: DDRMAX 2: Dance Dance Revolution | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution X | Amazon | Review
:chick: Final Fantasy X | Amazon | Review
:chick: Final Fantasy X-2 | Amazon | Review
:chick: Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel | Amazon | Review
:chick: Karaoke Revolution Party | Amazon | Review
:chick: Katamari Damacy | Amazon | Review
:chick: Kingdom Hearts | Amazon | Review
:chick: Kindom Hearts II | Amazon | Review
:chick: Mad Maestro! | Amazon | Review
:chick: Magic Pengel | Amazon | Review
:chick: Mojo! | Amazon | Review
:chick: Okage: Shadow King | Amazon | Review
:chick: Okami | Amazon | Review
:chick: Sonic Mega Collection Plus | Amazon | Review
:chick: Ultimate Board Game Collection | Amazon | Review

PS One
:chick: Activision Classics | Amazon | Review
:chick: Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Mix | Amazon | Review
:chick: Pong | Amazon | Review
:chick: Sheep | Amazon | Review