I am not a photographer. I mean, I am, in the sense that I have a camera which I use to create photographs. But I’m not, in the sense that I have any idea what I’m doing. While I am getting better, my use of my Nikon D5300 is still at the level of pushing-buttons-until-it-does-what-I-want-it-to-do and the same can be said about my recent foray into the Lightroom software.

Still, I try my best.

This page will be where I put all my best photos. Mostly of concerts and conventions and cats (oh my?) because that’s what I love.

I’m open to both constructive criticism and encouragement. Be kind.

Please do not edit my photos or remove my watermark. Repost, if you must, but please link back to this page or tag me on social media @polystyrenejen. Or better yet, retweet when I post photos on The Twitter or reblog on The Tumblr!


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Jus In Bello | 2017.05.22 | Monday Concert